Research partners

Implementation partners

The Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) is one of the 5 Swiss university hospitals and one of the best in the world according to Newsweek magazine’s class of 2023. CHUV is the project coordinator.MindMaze is a global leader in brain technology with a mission to accelerate humanity’s ability to recover, learn and adapt. With over a decade of work at the intersection of neuroscience and engineering, MindMaze enhances the recovery potential of patients with neurological diseases.
The university hospital Inselspital is a medical competence, high-technology and knowledge center with an international reputation and a meeting place for science and research.As part of the DIH global portfolio, Hocoma is the global market leader for robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy. Hocoma products can be found in the most forward-thinking neuro-rehab facilities, top hospitals and stand-out clinics across the globe.
The University Center for General Medicine and Public Health, referred to as Unisanté, is active in research, academic training, prevention and outpatient care. Unisanté promotes interdisciplinarity as well as the union of skills involved in health issues.ONWARD is a medical technology company creating innovative therapies to restore movement, independence, and health in people with spinal cord injury. ONWARD’s work builds on more than a decade of basic science and preclinical research conducted at the world’s leading neuroscience laboratories.
The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO in French) is a network of 28 schools of higher education offering degree programmes in six key fields to some 22,000 students. Its universities play a key role in the social, economic and cultural development of each of western Switzerland’s seven cantons.Lambda Health System is an ambitious health technology start-up that is revolutionizing neurorehabilitation. Its
breakthrough innovation, a robotic device for the lower limbs, serves patients with neurological disorders, enhance their mobility and increases therapeutic intensity in ways never reached before.
The Haute école spécialisée de Suisse occidentale (HES-SO) Valais-Wallis is a leading hub of skills and innovation, preparing students for the world of work, and contributing both to economic and social development and to the creation of jobs within the canton. MyoSwiss is a Zürich based ETH spin-off that develops medical devices in close collaborations with clinical investigators. MyoSwiss combines robotic and textile technology to help people with muscle weakness regain their mobility and independence.

The School of Engineering and Management, in French Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD) is one of several schools within the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, in French Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale (HES-SO).Pryv makes essential software for personal data-driven innovation. Its purpose-built middleware helps organizations manage personal data from creation to use, sharing and disposal. Pryv addresses the enhanced citizen’s right under GDPR and turns privacy compliance into a competitive advantage.
NeuroRestore is a research, innovation and treatment center that develops and applies bioengineering strategies involving neurosurgical interventions to restore neurological functions. It is associated to the EPFL, Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university.CARA provides care providers and the population of Western Switzerland with a secure digital health platform. Your electronic patient file (EPD) allows you to collect your health information and share this information with the health professionals of your choice. CARA is an initiative of the cantons of Geneva, Valais, Vaud, Friborg and Jura.
ETH Zurich is one of the world’s leading universities specialising in science and technology, renowned for its excellent education, cutting-edge fundamental research and direct transfer of new knowledge into society. The Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory is an interdisciplinary group with competences in mechanical and electrical engineering, movement science, psychology and neuroscience.Swiss Rehabilitation Sàrl is at the forefront of neurological rehabilitation in Switzerland. Deployed throughout the canton of Vaud, a young and dynamic team provides home and outpatient care for adults with neurological impairment.
The Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC) from ETH Zurich is an interdisciplinary network integrating the multidisciplinary expertise to develop a holistic approach towards the comprehensive management of movement impairments. As a professional association, PLATEFORME-REHA.CH federates public and private institutions active in the field of rehabilitation in Switzerland. Its aim is to promote rehabilitation and its various disciplines from the point of view of professional practices and to defend common interests with national partners.
The University of Bern, founded in 1834, is a comprehensive university offering a broad choice of courses and programmes in eight faculties and some 160 institutes. The Department of Economics focuses its research in monetary macroeconomics, empirical public economics and organizational and industrial economics.The mission of Espace Competences is to contribute to making effective and coherent the policy of continuing and complementary training in the field of health and social services in French Switzerland. The center provides adequate training that allows health and social professionals to optimize their skills related to the Swiss health system.
The ARTORG Center creates innovative healthcare technology by bringing together the biomedical engineering and medicine departments of the University of Bern. ARTORG contributes to improved clinical care through scientific discovery, deep learning technology, simulation of physiological processes and the development of novel medical devices and applications for surgery and rehabilitation.Medicol is an organization specializing in musculoskeletal conditions that brings together a highly qualified medical community and a multidisciplinary team trained in new technologies, communication, events and business management.
The Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) are the largest university hospital in Switzerland, and a leading national and international academic institution. It brings together eight public hospitals and two clinics.Physio Clinics is a network made up of several physiotherapy centers in French-speaking Switzerland.
In search of excellence, each clinic offers its patients unrivaled standards of quality, care and hospitality, all in a refined environment.
The University Hospital Zurich (USZ) is a cantonal public agency with its own legal personality and registered office in Zurich. The USZ is internationally known for its achievements in university medicine, nursing, research and teaching. Each year, USZ treats around 42,000 inpatients and have over 500,000 outpatient visits at its 43 departments and institutes.La Fondation le marronnier exploite un établissement médico-social situé au bord du Léman. L’EMS le marronnier est un lieu de vie pour personnes âgées atteintes dans leur santé physique et/ou psychique, entraînant une dépendance totale ou partielle, nécessitant des soins et un accompagnement dans l’accomplissement des activités de la vie quotidienne.
Founded in 1559, the University of Geneva enjoys worldwide recognition and ranks amongst the top 100 best universities in the world. A polyvalent institution, it fosters the emergence of inter- and multidisciplinary fields in both research and teaching. UNIGE offers more than 800 programmes.

Clinical partners

With its unique range of services – prevention, insurance, rehabilitation – Suva offers its policy holders comprehensive health protection. The main task of Suva’s Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) is the rehabilitation of trauma victims. Beyond neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, the CRR offers specific services for the rehabilitation of paraplegic and tetraplegic patients, the rehabilitation of burn victims, technical orthopaedics and occupational rehabilitation.
The Lavigny Institution is made up of a neurological hospital with outpatient consultations on two sites, an accommodation department for adults with disabilities, intellectual disabilities or physical problems, a school specialist and a workshop and vocational training sector. The hospital department is SW!SS REHA certified.
With five inpatient and three outpatient locations, Kliniken Valens are a non-profit foundation and specialize in the treatment of patients with functional impairments in the musculoskeletal system and nervous system and offer neurological, musculoskeletal, internal, oncological, pneumological and geriatric rehabilitation. With over 500 beds and 1300 employees, the group is one of the leading rehabilitation providers in Switzerland.
Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic is a Suva company and the specialist clinic for trauma rehabilitation, sports medicine, occupational reintegration and expert medical opinions. Specialised teams provide inpatient or outpatient treatment after an accident or illness. With over 45 years experience in accident rehabilitation for, it is one of Switzerland’s leading rehabilitation clinics and the Number 1 in accident rehabilitation both in Switzerland and neighbouring foreign countries.
The Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht specializes in the treatment of brain and nerve injured patients. As one of the leading speciality clinics in Europe for neurological rehabilitation, the Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht is known for its excellent medical treatment program, professional nursing, Robot-Assisted-Therapy Centre and Neurology Specific Therapies, as well as its unique holistic approach to neurorehabilitation.